Postbudet som var falsk psykiater

Fra et intervju på tysk TV:

- You are a trained postman and for one and a half years you worked as a senior physician in a Saxon psychiatric hospital. This wasn’t your first coup but the last one we know of. How did you apply for the job?

- The position was advertised in the Saechsische Amtsblatt and in the Deutsche Aerzteblatt, among others. Thirty physicians and specialists applied for the position and eight of them were short-listed. These eight applicants had to present a paper to the Appointment Board of the Ministry for Social Affairs.

- And what exactly was your lecture about?

- “Pseudology of the Fantastic” or “Compulsive Deception as Enhancement of the Self in Thomas Mann’s exemplary figure of Felix Krull”, from his novel of the same title, The Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man.

- I assume you knew the novel by heart (?)

- Yes, I thought that the subject was very interesting indeed. What is more, I was certain that sooner or later everything would come to light and therefore I thought: "What a nice subject-matter…"

- And your paper convinced the Board, or how did you prepare yourself for job-specific questions? Weren’t you worried about it?

- Yes, but my knowledge of psychiatry was in no way inferior to that of the so-called experts. At the hospital I was responsible for further training and qualification and very often I stood there and thought to myself: "Who actually is the fraud, me or them?". For example, I introduced new terminology, terms which do not exist. Right in front of a hundred psychiatrists I talked about the “Bipolar Depression of the Third Degree”. This is a psychiatric term which does not exist and no one asked a single question about it.

- Why not?

- Because to ask would be embarrassing. You would admit to incompetence and in these circles you should rather not.

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